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   Benefit Department Forms
Waltham Forest HCTB (4.6)

Branches DHP Renewal

   CTAX Forms
Council Tax Account Holder Death Notification
Council Tax Request for Information (Regulation 36)
CTAX - Appeal Form
CTAX - Arrears Arrangement Form
CTAX - COVID-19 Information
CTAX - Empty Home Review
CTAX - Refund Request Form
CTAX - SPD Review
CTAX - Student Review

Local Welfare Assistance Request for Review
Waltham Forest Local Welfare Assistance (2.1)

Authority to Discuss Form
CTS Only Application Form (1.1)
Discretionary Housing Payments Claim (1.2)
Discretionary Payments Request for Review
DWP Benefit Ended
Evidence Upload Form (1.1)
HBCTS Appeals (1.0)
HCTB Change in Circumstances (1.2)
Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support Review Form (1.2)
Waltham Forest Free School Meals and Pupil Premium

Waltham Forest Landlord CIC (1.1)

Connect Portal Query Form
Customer Survey
HB-CTR Calculator 1.0

   NDR Forms
NDR Arrangement Request
NDR General Vacation and Occupation Form
NDR Mandatory and Discretionary Rating Relief (1.0)
NDR Refund Request Form
NDR Retail Discount Form
NDR Tenancy Change Notification Form

Benefit Overpayment Credit Transfer
HB OP Financial Statement
Housing Benefit Overpayment Refund Form